We tackle stigma by reshaping the culture around athletics and mental health. Taking on the challenge of bringing mental health strategies to the world of athletics using the combination of coaching, trainings, and evidence-based skills.

Founded to equip athletes, coaches, and leaders with the proper tools that promote positive mental health through education, access, and services in preparation for life’s toughest adversities. Offering athletes the mental conditioning to combat the stressors of performance, identity, and transition.


Devon Lewis-Buchanan, MSW
Founder & Managing Partner

Devon Lewis-Buchanan is the Alumni Relations Director for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Once a collegiate athlete and NFL-prospect Devon was granted an opportunity to try-out for the Oakland Raiders in 2012, pursuing a life-long dream of playing in the National Football League. He was soon cut from the team and was forced to ask himself “What’s Next?

Struggling with the lost of his athletic identity, Devon credits social work for guiding his path out of uncertainty. Devon began working with youth and families in the child welfare system and found his passion. He founded a non-profit organization, Inspire Youths Services, Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL, to create avenues to mental health access for marginalized youth.

Realizing his experience was not unique and that many former athletes face barriers when transitioning away from sports, Devon founded Inspire U, to create more access to mental health education allowing for student-athletes to recognize the signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.